History of Cars – India now jeep

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The India car industry is one of the fastest growing car industries in the entire world. Propelled by the rising demand as well as the booming economic growth, the India car industry has attracted major car players from across the globe. Today, you will find a number of international car manufacturing industries that have opened one or more car manufacturing plants in India. Today, you will also find a large number of companies who are importing vehicles so they could cater for the increasing demand of the huge

In this article, I will talk about the various aspects of cars India and the history of the c

. The first car rode the roads of India in 1898. From this time till World War One, there were about 5000 cars which were directly imported from foreign manufacturers to India. With the introduction of cars in the country, the demand for automobiles started to increase. This increasing demand established the basic requirements of the Indian market and this is when the merchants started getting more vehicles into the country.

n 1942 the Hindustan Motors was set up and in 1944, PAL also known as Premier Auto back mobile was established to create more automobiles in India. It was Premier Auto back mobile which was the first company to manufacture the first car in the year 1946 in India. The Hindustan Motors company concentrated more on jeep auto parts and components and they manufactured their first car in the year 1949.

Later on, the MM and MM company was established and they specialized in manufacturing utility vehicles such as the American Jeep. Throughout the 1950s, there were only 7 dealers who had managed to receive approvals from the Indian government to manufacture and produce cars and other vehicles in India.

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